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Goizueta IMPACT

Experience That Sets You Apart

Go Beyond Academics

We’ll take you beyond the classroom and into real-world business scenarios to apply what you learn. In your IMPACT experience, you’ll gain a structured approach to problem solving – one designed to yield innovative results. Project sponsors are organizations big and small – from Fortune 100 companies to non-profits to start-ups. Together with your team you’ll address a strategic issue and work to solve a real business problem for an external organization.

How We Create IMPACT

The nature of work is changing. Business problems don’t sit cleanly in functional boundaries. The IMPACT experience teaches you to deal with ambiguity, respond to any situation with intention, and apply a structured approach to solving the messiest business problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Problem Solving

    Here’s the big question: Are you asking the right questions? Learn how to make sure you’re solving for the right problem and then how to solve it the right way.
  • Team Leadership

    It takes discipline to work effectively as a team. One of the key components of IMPACT is teamwork – and knowing when and how to organize the work of a team to solve problems effectively.
  • Persuasive Communication

    Learn how to communicate effectively to give key stakeholders the clarity and confidence to take action.
An Impressive Rolodex

Our Impact Project Sponsors

IMPACT sponsors include global organizations, national nonprofits, promising start-ups, and beyond. They partner with Goizueta because they believe in what we do and deliver. They look to us – to you – to solve some of their toughest challenges. You’ll be tasked with developing innovative solutions.

Past IMPACT Clients