Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Entrepreneurship is the Evolution of Business


At Goizueta, we believe the future will be led by a bold group of entrepreneurial leaders who aren’t afraid to take risks and forge new paths. That’s why our goal is to challenge students, business owners, and investors to build partnerships that both foster economic growth and inspire continuous innovation. By fostering innovation and fueling entrepreneurship, we help leaders solve today’s challenges and create tomorrow’s reality.

How Your Support Helps

  • Develops Talent

    Our Entrepreneurship Fellows Program honors students who have an innovative, entrepreneurial mindset. This is where students become innovation leaders. Your gift enables us to provide them tailored advice, a stipend, and unique opportunities that help foster their ideas.
  • Engages Mentors

    We believe the spirit of entrepreneurship is contagious. So we bring in seasoned entrepreneurs and investors for inspiration, mentoring, teaching, judging, and more. Your investment helps us connect with top business talent.
  • Creates Programming

    In addition to our 20+ entrepreneurship-based courses, we offer an accelerator program, pitch competitions, investor forums, as student-led venture fund and more. Your gift supports the expansion of existing and new programming.

Perfecting the Pitch

Business professionals led by woman

Our Shark Tank-style Pitch the Professors program and the annual Entrepreneurship Summit give students the opportunity to pitch new business ideas and receive constructive feedback. These programs help our students build confidence and gain experience that prepares them to compete for funding in the real world. In the right environment, we can foster the next groundbreaking idea.

Fostering a Culture of Entrepreneurship

Our work to support new ways of thinking and ideas doesn’t just extend to our students. We’re working with partners, local entrepreneurs, startups, and more. That work has a ripple effect across Atlanta and beyond. Your investment in our programs is an investment not only in Goizueta but in the future of business and the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Southeast.

Experiential Learning and Equity Investments

Peachtree Minority Venture Fund Student Leaders

The Peachtree Minority Venture Fund is the only student-run venture capital fund that focuses exclusively on making equity investments into underrepresented minority entrepreneurs—who currently receive less than 3% of US venture capital investment. Students receive technical venture capital investing training and gain the experience of make decisions about real businesses with real money while also providing minority entrepreneurs access to the unique resources available at Goizueta and its extended ecosystem.

Voices of Goizueta

Take the Next Step

By investing in The Roberto C. Goizueta Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, you’re investing in the minds that could generate tomorrow’s big ideas. Make a donation now or discuss contribution options with Dillon Boggs, our director of development. The future starts with you.