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At Goizueta, students come first. That’s why one of our chief campaign priorities is scholarship support. Building up scholarship resources allows to recruit the best and brightest students from around the globe and then give them unparalleled support, opportunities, and resources as they become the business leaders of tomorrow. Together, we aim to raise $55 million for student scholarships.

How Your Support Helps

  • Opens Doors

    Scholarships help us make educational goals a financial reality. Your gift helps relieve economic pressure by funding tuition, textbooks, housing, and cocurricular opportunities.
  • Keeps Us Competitive

    Scholarship offers help us recruit the best and brightest students who will thrive at Goizueta. Your gift enables us to recruit world-class students that are challenged to constantly learn from each other.
  • Fosters Responsible Growth

    Well-funded scholarship opportunities mean Goizueta can focus on growing in all the right ways. Your gift helps us create a diverse student body and provide necessary resources for student support.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Student presenting in class

Undergraduate students join Goizueta in their junior year. Support for scholarship opportunities ensures that we can continue to provide the funding they relied on as freshmen and sophomores through to graduation.

Graduate Scholarships

Evening MBA Students

The amount of financial aid provided is one of the chief deciding factors in choosing a graduate school. Increase scholarships, and we increase the diversity and talent within our student body.

PhD Scholarships

PhD Students

PhD candidates depend on the stipends they receive to pursue their research. This financial support is critical for providing scholarship support, research support, and opportunities to access data.

A Proven Track Record

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Ready to invest in Goizueta’s next generation? Make a donation using one of the program scholarship links above or talk to us about other scholarship giving opportunities. The future starts with you.