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What problem can we Help you solve?

Bring us your toughest problem, and we’ll put our brightest minds on it. We’ll look at your complex issues from every angle with a fresh perspective. We’ll leverage our extensive research, resources and expertise. You’ll get more than you bargained for with real solutions that deliver real results. That’s Goizueta IMPACT.

Goizueta IMPACT

Real Problems, Real Solutions

For over 30 years, Goizueta has been partnering with businesses and organizations to extend the value of our faculty and student talent beyond the academic environment to client projects. Experiential learning that bridges the theory of business through real world experience is a hallmark of the Goizueta MBA. Integrating education with engagement, we create custom student teams with faculty oversight to develop innovative solutions that will have an impact on your business. In turn, Goizueta students graduate with the capabilities and confidence to succeed in the real world, armed with practical experience, effective leadership skills and the tools to solve a broad array of problems.

IMPACT achieves two complementary goals and fuels a virtuous cycle for Goizueta to reach broader strategic outcomes.

IMPACT achieves two complementary goals and fuels a virtuous cycle for Goizueta to reach broader strategic outcomes.

How Do Projects Work?

Students are in regular contact with client liaisons to review findings and receive feedback, as well as to request information and data needed to complete the analyses. Throughout the project duration, we provide hands-on leadership coaching to ensure team effectiveness. At the conclusion, the team will deliver their solutions and actionable recommendations, so your organization can achieve results.

  • Define the project scope with the faculty team
  • Designate two dedicated liaisons for the student team(s)
  • Share company data and information for research and analytical purposes
  • Provide the project fee, determined based on the scope and duration of the project

Sponsorship Inquiry

IMPACT clients can expect a team of five to six students working together to address one of the organization’s critical issues. Our students complete required coursework that equips them with the principles, processes, tools and frameworks of effective problem solving. They integrate these core management skills with the business knowledge gained through other courses and apply it to their client’s project.

  • Gain fresh perspectives, data-driven insights and actionable recommendations on a key business issue
  • Access next generation of business leaders, expert faculty, research, tools and Goizueta Business Library resources
  • Build brand equity with the MBA population and engage with a diverse talent pool

Sponsorship Inquiry

Program Project Timeline Project Duration Proposals Due
One-Year Full-Time MBA July to mid-August 6 weeks May
Two-Year Full-Time MBA January to early May 14 weeks October
Evening MBA August to early December 14 weeks July
Executive MBA August to early December 14 weeks July

Sponsorship Inquiry

How do we become a sponsor?

To begin, let us know of your interest through this form. You can email the Goizueta IMPACT Program Director or Lynne Segall, Goizueta IMPACT Associate Dean. We'll schedule a call to learn more about your project ideas and consult with you to help shape a project proposal that is mutually beneficial.

What about NDA's and legal agreements?

All students, staff and faculty will sign an NDA prior to accessing proprietary information from your organization. Additionally, all project sponsors will sign a contract. Once we agree to move forward we will send over these documents for your review and approval.

Sponsorship Inquiry

Case Studies

The Challenge

A non-profit charter school system sought recommendations on whether they should operate student transportation in-house rather than outsource to improve service reliability, lower costs, and positively impact academic outcomes.

The Approach

The team confirmed the assertion that chronic lateness negatively affects the overall academic experience for everyone and the academic performance of many. They found that missing an average of 27 minutes of instruction per day rises to the level of chronic absenteeism, which is a well-established contributor to lower academic performance. They then considered the full spectrum of busing options, including contracting, ridesharing, and four different combinations of leasing/buying/maintaining buses and contracting/hiring staff. They rated each option in terms of client control over outcomes, reliability of service, annual cost, and scalability.

The Outcome

The team recommended the school system purchase and manage a fleet of 32 buses for student transportation to/from school to save costs, reduce tardiness and thereby improve academic outcomes. They determined that financing the purchase of the buses, hiring drivers, and contracting for maintenance ensures that the in-house option would result in a lower cost than outsourcing options.


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