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Bring us your toughest problem, and we’ll put our brightest minds on it. We’ll look at your complex issues from every angle with a fresh perspective. We’ll leverage our extensive research, resources and expertise. You’ll get more than you bargained for with real solutions that deliver real results. That’s Goizueta IMPACT.

Goizueta IMPACT

Real Problems, Real Solutions

For over 30 years, Goizueta has been partnering with businesses and organizations to extend the value of our faculty and student talent beyond the academic environment to client projects. Experiential learning that bridges the theory of business through real world experience is a hallmark of the Goizueta MBA. Integrating education with engagement, we create custom student teams with faculty oversight to develop innovative solutions that will have an impact on your business. In turn, Goizueta students graduate with the capabilities and confidence to succeed in the real world, armed with practical experience, effective leadership skills and the tools to solve a broad array of problems.

IMPACT achieves two complementary goals and fuels a virtuous cycle for Goizueta to reach broader strategic outcomes.

IMPACT achieves two complementary goals and fuels a virtuous cycle for Goizueta to reach broader strategic outcomes.

Goizueta IMPACT Project Sponsorship

How Do Projects Work?

Students are in regular contact with client liaisons to review findings and receive feedback, as well as to request information and data needed to complete the analyses. Throughout the project duration, we provide hands-on leadership coaching to ensure team effectiveness. At the conclusion, the team will deliver their solutions and actionable recommendations, so your organization can achieve results.

  • Define the project scope with the faculty team
  • Designate two dedicated liaisons for the student team(s)
  • Share company data and information for research and analytical purposes
  • Provide the project fee, determined based on the scope and duration of the project

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Case Studies

  • Healthcare

  • Marketing

  • Strategic Valuation

  • Non-Profit

  • ArtificiaI Intelligence Technology

Case Study: National Beauty Products Company

  • The Challenge

    A leader in customizable haircare and beauty products, the client worked students to determine how they should market the sustainability benefits of their offerings to increase sales.
  • The Approach

    The team designed and conducted significant primary research, including a survey to the general haircare market with nearly 1,400 respondents, a max/diff analysis, and a price sensitivity analysis. They also completed a competitive analysis, examining 6 months of social media content from 7 competitive beauty brands to understand the role sustainability played. Lastly, they analyzed the client’s transaction data from 2020 to better understand consumer behavior.
  • The Outcome

    The team recommended that the community (i.e. social awareness and responsibility) and process (i.e. eco-conscious manufacturing) benefits of sustainability were the most important to the client’s target segments, and that sustainability should play a peripheral, not central, role. They advised the client to strengthen related messages on the product, packaging and social media platforms. To make progress toward this position in the short-term, they recommended creating an inventory of all sustainability assets at the company, connecting that inventory to their research results, and prioritizing social media messaging pilots over product and packaging changes.

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