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Through a curriculum infusing principled leadership, experiential learning, international travel, and a diverse business perspective at every turn — our world-class programs produce dynamic students ready to lead from the start. We pride ourselves on the fact that graduates of our BBA, MBA, and MS in Business Analaytics programs are among those most sought-after and well-regarded. As a recruiter, we invite you to become a part of this virtuous cycle of success. Working through our various career centers, you can engage Goizueta students directly and identify talented individuals from all over the world who can help take your organization to new heights.
  • BBA Graduates Employed

    Within 90 Days of Graduation
  • MBA Graduates With Job Offers

    Within 90 Days of Graduation
  • MSBA Graduates Employed

    Within 6 Months of Graduation

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  • BBA Employment Report

    Goizueta's BBA degree is lauded for its ability to prepare students to think critically, to analyze data, and to make recommendations and communicate them effectively. View our latest BBA employment statistics.
  • Full-Time MBA Employment Report

    Our world-class MBA Programs offer a dynamic experience that prepares students for a lifetime of accomplishments. View our latest MBA employment statistics.
  • MS in Business Analytics Employment Report

    Our MSBA graduates turn analytics into insights. With technical training backed by business know how, they fit seamlessly in any industry. View our latest MSBA employment statistics.

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Building Relationships

Goizueta’s career professionals will work with you to build awareness of your brand and open positions among our capable, bright, emotionally-intelligent students.

Whether you need to fill a specific position or access to a reliable talent pool for multiple hires, our students are rigorously trained and ready to make a meaningful contribution. Get in touch and we’ll help you maximize your recruiting strategy.