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Data is a Truth Revealer

Reimagining business begins and ends with how well you can analyze, harness, and wield data. At its core, data is about uncovering the possibilities for what comes next. It’s the key to solving some of the world’s most complex challenges. It provides a glimpse forward into what is possible. Data is power. And when you put that insight into the hands of a Goizueta business leader, you unlock the wisdom to transform industries.

How Your Support Helps

  • A New Generation

    Goizueta’s graduate and professional programs educate the next generation of business data scientists and skilled leaders who can speak the languages of business, data, and technology. Your gift supports programming to develop students that can solve data problems from any angle, improve outcomes, and effect change.
  • Real-World Partnerships

    We put students in the role of consultant for Fortune 500 companies and startups across a range of industries. Hands-on learning through real-world partnerships is at the center of our data-driven academic experience. Your gift creates connections that prepare graduates—right from the start—to serve in any function, organization, or industry.
  • On the Cutting Edge

    Students are immersed in intentionally design courses that explore the latest theories and techniques from data visualization to machine learn for data analysis and the cutting-edge tools and platforms that drive industry forward. Your gift provides students access to state-of-the-art industry platforms and analytical programs.

Master of Science in Business Analytics


Goizueta’s STEM-designated MS in Business Analytics combines business, data, and technology to develop effective business data scientist for a data-driven world. This 10-month, immersive program emphasizes hands-on learning in real-world partnerships. We deliver strong technical and quantitative business analytics training while building comprehensive business acumen enabling graduates to see the intersections between data and solution, insight and innovation, and information and potential.

Master of Analytical Finance

young male finance professional

Created by finance industry insiders to develop next gen finance professionals, this 10-month, STEM-designated degree delivers unmatched experience and industry know how through our unique analyst immersion and Finance Lab. Students learn modern financial analysis techniques integrated throughout the data-driven curriculum and apply cutting-edge data and analytical tools to identify problem solutions.

A Proven Track Record

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