Behavioral Lab

Understanding Human Behavior

The Behavioral Lab facilitates data collection for Goizueta researchers and collaborators committed to answering fundamental questions about how humans behave, think, collaborate, make decisions, and respond to challenges.

Participate in a Study

Your participation is anonymous and will involve completing surveys, making decisions, choosing products, and/or playing games. You will always be compensated for your time and efforts. By simply sharing your insights, views, and opinions, you contribute to science and the advancement of human knowledge. Participating is also an excellent way to get insight into the behavioral research being conducted in business.

Goizueta Behavioral Lab

The Goizueta Behavioral Research Lab is a resource for Goizueta researchers and their collaborators. We provide space, hardware, software, subject pools, and research assistance to meet data collection needs.

Lab staff can assist you with your research by:

  • Posting a study to the available subject pools
  • Paying participants
  • Running experiments in the lab
  • Creating study materials
  • Providing IRB language and materials

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Behavior & Decision Insights PhD Students