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Goizueta’s BBA program has consistently been lauded as one of the nation’s top undergraduate business programs. The program blends a rigorous and relevant business curriculum with foundational liberal arts training to develop graduates who are critical thinkers and problem-solvers.

How Does the Sponsorship Work

Ideal BBA Capstone projects allow students to tackle a real-world challenge for a firm using key communication tactics, providing strategic ideas across channels such as social/digital media and traditional branding. Deliverables feature student presentations with tangible recommendations and visuals to articulate their data findings and suggestions.

In our BBA Communications course, we seek client-sponsored capstone projects requiring a communication strategy or messaging execution plan to solve an internal or external challenge for your organization. The course features one client, with 200+ students forming 4-6 person project teams that review the data and recommend strategies to leadership.

Though there is no project fee for BBA Capstone projects, corporate clients are expected to work with Goizueta faculty to identify an optimal project that addresses real business needs and aligns with student capabilities. Clients kick-off and close out projects in person, and ideally provide virtual touchpoints along the way to guide the project to success.

Sponsorship Inquiry

Case Study: Mercedes-Benz

  • The Challenge

    BBA Capstone students partnered with Mercedes-Benz USA to identify a communications strategy for Mercedes to launch the first A-Class sedan in the U.S. market, and specifically one that appealed to potential Millennial buyers.
  • The Approach

    Students had to think strategically and creatively to analyze potential buyers, clarify their ideal message outcome, then craft a message that would resonate with Millennials. Mercedes-Benz leadership was actively involved in the process and interested in connecting with students to hear their perspectives.
  • The Outcome

    At the end of the project, the top student teams presented their communication strategies, platforms, and messaging to Mercedes-Benz USA leadership, including CEO Dietmar Exler.

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