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Goizueta’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) prepares students to think critically, analyze data, and effectively communicate recommendations. By graduation, they know how to make data-driven decisions, and courageously act when the time is right. The BBA Career Management Center, in partnership with the Emory Career Center, provides several opportunities for you to productively engage with our students.
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    Class of 2023 accepted offers within 3 months of graduation
  • Median Base Salary

    Class of 2023
  • Students with Internship Offer

    Paid or for credit (Class of 2023)

The quickest and easiest way for you to highlight your job opportunity is to use Handshake, a portal that reaches all Emory undergraduate students and alumni. Alumni up to 3 years post-graduation can use Handshake.

Register on Handshake. You must create a profile and connect with Emory’s account.

Once your profile is approved, Handshake allows you to manage your undergraduate recruiting activities at Emory:

  • Receive a rĂ©sumĂ© bundle of students that apply to open positions
  • Search and message students and recent alumni who have made their profiles public
  • Submit a request to host a company presentation or an on-campus interview

If you have questions or problems with Handshake, contact the Emory Career Center at 404-727-6211.

Connect with the BBA Career Team

Goizueta BBA students are highly regarded by companies for their business and leadership acumen, communication skills, and their desire to make a difference. Please contact the BBA Career Management Center team to learn more about how to engage with and hire our students.

Class Profile

Average GPA
Average SAT
Class Size
528 students
Underrepresented U.S. Minorities
% of U.S. students who are African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native American/Alaskan

BBA Career Policy FAQ

Students can apply directly for jobs and internships through your company website if they also apply to the job via Handshake.

No. To ensure you are selecting candidates that meet your organization's screening criteria, refer to the APPLICANTS tab attached to each position within your on-campus schedule on Handshake.

All on-campus interviews for undergraduate students are held at the Emory Career Center in the B Jones Building. We can assist employers in building schedules for virtual interviews or at your offices, provided you use Handshake to facilitate off-campus interviews.

An official job or internship offer should be in written form and contain the following: position title, salary, start date, and work location.

Please note that we advise employers to demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to allow students adequate time to make a sound and informed decision; students respond better to these interactions than to ones in which they feel pressured.

If you are required to revoke a job offer that a student has accepted because of changing conditions within the company, the student is entitled to a fair and equitable course of action including but is not limited to: financial assistance and outplacement service.

Students are urged to immediately release offers they do not plan to accept. Reneging on an offer is a serious violation of the Emory Career Center's policies and results in the loss of all alumni and career services privileges for the student.

Please inform the Emory Career Center of all employment offers (internships or permanent positions) extended to students. We strive to maintain accurate statistics regarding student job offers, acceptances and salary but can only do that if we are kept in the loop. Your company employment records are kept strictly confidential and used only for statistical purposes.

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