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This is a small, intellectually intense PhD program that balances collaboration with competitiveness and challenge with support. You’ll take eight courses a year and tackle research projects, colloquia, seminars, and other area-specific academic activities like Teaching Assistant Training. In the end, you’ll have the tools you need to make an impact in any business school environment.
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Research Excellence Combined with Classroom Skills

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We believe that hands-on research collaboration between students and faculty is critically important in the education of new scholars. Collaborative research helps students learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into workable projects that are publishable in major journals. Just as importantly, it is through collaborative research with experienced members of their field that students learn the research norms and values that will guide them through the program and later in their academic careers. Because research excellence is only one part of success, we place an equal emphasis on improving your skills in the classroom.

Academic Areas

Choose from one of our five academic areas to home in on your area of expertise and go deep.

The PhD in Accounting takes you deep into the production and use of information through the lens of theories adapted from the social sciences, especially economics and psychology. You will focus on microeconomics, econometrics, statistics, and doctoral seminars in accounting.

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Research Resources that Go Beyond

  • Top 25 Library in the Nation

    The Emory University Library system has more than 2.8 million volumes and 200 cross-disciplinary electronic resources.
  • Your Own Research Budget

    You’ll have your own established research support budget for data collection, books, travel, and whatever else your research requires.
  • Computing and Database Support

    The Information Systems & Operations Management department offers data management, computation, and programming to support your research.

Research Starts with Relationships

Erika Hall

Throughout the PhD program, students will have research opportunities with multiple faculty. Collaborative research helps students learn how to transform abstract theoretical questions into publishable work. After the first year, PhD candidates will be paired with a faculty member with similar research interests as a teaching or research assistant.

Teaching to Be the Best Educator

Sandy Jap teaching

We take teaching seriously. Building a student's skills in classroom instruction is an integral part of the doctoral program. The Laney Graduate School's Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity is a multilevel educational and action learning sequence that prepares doctoral students for the rigors of teaching in a college or university environment.

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