Frequenty Asked Questions

Applicants are to use our online application. The use of the online application allows us immediate access to your application. In addition the use of the online application will allow you to track the status of credentials that have been received in the graduate school. When you apply online you will not need to send a paper application. Complete the online application.

The deadline for submitting application materials to enroll in the Fall Semester is December 15.

Yes, personal interviews will be conducted with all final candidates for admission.

The PhD Program code for GMAT is: C3Q-71-15. Our institutional code for ETS is 5187. You may use any of the "Business" department codes.

Application fees ($75) can be paid by credit card or e-check for online applications only. Applications submitted on paper must be accompanied by a check or money order.

We do not waive the application fee.

International candidates must have strong English language communication skills, both written and spoken. Therefore, if your native language is not English, you must submit a TOEFL score. There are no exceptions to the TOEFL score requirement, regardless of your academic or industry experience.

Minimum Scores Accepted Total Reading Listening
Computer-based 250 - 25
Paper-based 600 - 60
Internet-based 100 26 26

Each area of our PhD program is unique and individualized. Therefore, when applying, you must select one area that matches your research interests.

You can contact Tammy Coleman to correct your online application.

A master's degree is not necessary.

If your work is in your chosen area of study, it will be considered along with your other qualifications. In certain doctoral specializations, relevant work experience is considered desirable.

All doctoral applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college. The majority of our students are required to take our pre-course in Quantitative Methods before the fall term begins. Prerequisites for that course include Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra.

Strong candidates will be smart and motivated individuals with the appropriate intellectual qualities for a life of scholarship. We give considerable weight to letters of recommendation from faculty members that highlight a candidate's research potential, past academic achievements, and a commitment to scholarly endeavor.

No, the GPA is only one of a number of factors that the committee takes under consideration.

Our faculty strongly prefers the GMAT exam, but the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is also accepted.

While there is no minimum test score requirement, a good performance on one of these tests is very desirable. Successful applicants have overall scores in the 90th percentile and higher. The average GMAT score of recent admits has been 726.

You can find testing and registration information on each testing organization's website:

Yes, international students are required take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam.

Students should be able to complete the program in four years on a full-time basis. It is possible that some students may need an additional year for completion.

The doctoral program is demanding and rigorous, and students are required to apply themselves on a full-time basis.

New students are accepted into the program only for fall semester.

Most doctoral programs in business are very dependent on individual faculty interests and competencies. Building an intellectual base at Emory is important for imprinting the unique qualities of the Emory doctoral experience. For this reason, transfer credits are rarely granted.

No, because these two degree programs are philosophically very different from one another. However, doctoral students without an MBA will be asked to take certain core MBA courses as a way of acquiring knowledge about various business functional areas.

Visit the Emory University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences website for full information on tuition, financial aid, enrollment status, application procedures, international students, and graduate housing.

You are welcome to visit Emory's campus at your convenience.