Master in Business for Veterans


A Master’s in Business for Veterans

Nothing’s standing between you and your career in business.

The Master’s in Business for Veterans program is steeped in career development and support. Every phase of your journey is accompanied by career planning, goal setting, practical application experiences, and expert guidance to help you find your fit. In addition to the career support that’s baked into the curriculum, you’ll have access to all that Goizueta’s Career Management Center has to offer. After graduation you'll become part of an engaged, global alumni network that’s 23,000 and counting. Your opportunities from here are exponential.

Career Support

  • Career Management Center

    Engage in interview prep, networking events, résumé reviews, job boards, negotiating techniques, and so much more.
  • Career Development Program

    Discover the transferability of your military experience and skill sets and learn what it takes to launch and sustain a business.
  • Mentoring Program

    Engage with and learn from a veteran who has already successfully transitioned into a career in business.

Career Development Program

Learn to leverage your leadership experience and translate your skills from the military into a civilian career while gaining the business acumen needed to transition into a wide range of industries. The Career Development Program is thoughtfully designed to position veterans to be the “first choice” for recruiters looking for experienced hires and for those that qualify for veteran-specific employment programs. As part of the program, you will

• Define your purpose and core values
• Translate your skills and experiences to communicate their value effectively (in a targeted resume, a LinkedIn profile, and during an interview or networking conversations)
• Interact with others confidently in a professional setting
• Gain a better understanding of their strengths, priorities, what they want from a civilian career, and how you will continue to serve
• Build, grow, and leverage a professional network (developing relationships with employers across industries)
• Discover and explore new career paths, industries, and companies. Understand how your values match with corporate culture

Mentoring Program

Military member Navy

All Master in Business for Veteran students will have the option to participate in a mentoring program and be provided one-on-one career coaching. The Mentoring Program assists veterans in the transition process and expands their access and connectivity to the business world. Additionally, career coaching is available for all students to be coached in their pursuit of a job in a specific industry or career.