Master in Business for Veterans


A Master’s in Business for Veterans

Step out of the military and into the future of business.

Get the degree that teaches you how to apply your military leadership skills in the business world. This Master’s program is specialized to get military veterans up to speed on business fundamentals fast, bring more depth and breadth to their leadership skills in a business context, and learn how to adapt skills from a military to a civilian business culture. You’ll kick things off in a five-day academic boot camp where you get to know your cohort, go deep into the fundamentals of business, and start crafting your career plan. From there, we’ll have classes every other weekend with applied learning opportunities along the way to test and refine your skills. Through it all, you'll be building your career plan with the guidance of your expert professors and your own personal mentor. At the end of your program, you’ll be ready to step into your next position two steps ahead.
  • Months to Completion

  • Class Days (Friday/Saturday)

    Every other week
  • Course Credit Hours

The Formula

  • Learn from the Best

    Spearheaded by Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General and Associate Dean for Leadership Ken Keen, as well as Faculty Lead JB Kurish, our faculty bring expertise from various business fields and years of instruction to your learning experience. They’ll meet you where you are and challenge you to go further than you thought you could.
  • Master the Material

    Macroeconomics. Pricing models. Entrepreneurship. Capital funding. Business plans. Value propositions. Market trends and more. This program will teach you the essential business concepts and how to apply them.
  • Showcase Your Skills

    Put your knowledge and leadership experience to work in hands-on learning opportunities where your skills are applied to actual business situations. As you work through each project, you’ll get real-time coaching and feedback to help you grow along the way.

Master in Business for Veterans Curriculum Schedule

Master in Business for Veterans curriculum outline

Class Details

All onboarding, bootcamp, and class sessions require in-person/on-campus attendance.

Business Courses

Introduction to the concepts, assumptions, principles, and procedures underlying financial accounting, with an emphasis on understanding how a company's operating, investing, and financing activities are reported on its financial statements.

Introduction to the concepts, assumptions, and methods underlying managerial accounting, with an emphasis on using accounting information to plan and control a company's operations. Topics include information relevant for decision-making, cost behavior, activity-based costing, pricing, cost-volume-profit analysis, operating budgets and variance analysis, capital budgeting, and performance evaluation.

The goal of this course is to take the students beyond the classroom and into real-world business scenarios to apply what they have learned in their business courses. In the IMPACT experience, students gain a structured approach to problem solving – one designed to yield innovative results. Project sponsors are organizations big and small – from Fortune 100 companies to non-profits to start-ups. Together with their team, students will address a strategic issue and work to solve a real business problem for an external organization.

Communication skills are critical to your success at Goizueta. Business Communication Strategy creates the foundation for strong communication & introduces the dynamics of interpersonal & organizational communication. You will create, develop, & deliver professional presentations & documents, individually and in a team. Through the Birkman® assessment, you will increase your self-awareness, which helps you identify your most productive communication style.

Survey of the legal environment in which business enterprises operate. Topics include jurisprudential thought, sources of law, separation of powers, business ethics, constitutional law, regulation of interstate commerce, bill of rights, administrative law, and civil procedure.

This goal of this course is to provide the veteran students with a holistic examination and study of the process of a military service member going through ‘Transition, Transformation, and Integration’ as they move from a military career into the business world. It will build upon other courses in the Master in Business for Veterans Program, from what they learned in their ‘Academic Boot Camp’, Principled Leadership Course, and Career Development Program. They will learn about applying their experiences and leadership from a military context into a business setting while leveraging lessons from veteran business leaders on how to navigate a business culture.

This course uses several quantitative tools and excel formulas to teach students to compute important concepts to determine fundamental values of assets and corporate financial decisions. Students are assigned problems sets and cases that present real-world problems faced by corporate managers, and students apply the concepts and they learn in course to solve these problems.

This course in microeconomics will provide the fundamentals in understanding the how scarce resources and allocated in a system of unlimited wants. We will be examining how firms and workers respond to incentives, how tools & statistics help us determine the most efficient use of resources, how firms profit maximize and how markets arrive at equilibrium.

Evolution of Information Technology has dramatically increased the availability and importance of data and statistical analysis in business decision making. This course centers on understanding the decision process and the role that statistical tools play. The emphasis is on structuring the decision processes and statistical tools, methods, analysis, and models that will serve the program curriculum and beyond.

This course looks at how processes and systems, the so-called operating core of the organization, impacts the ability of a firm to execute its strategy. The challenges confronting firms competing in today's dynamic environment demand a multi-disciplinary focus. As we prepare students who seek to understand and face these challenges, this course covers the multiple activities comprising a firm's operating core and its supply chain. The operating core of a firm is an integrated system that combines activities related to design and engineering, production, quality management, networks of material and information flows, and the development, distribution and delivery of goods and services to customers.

The class introduces participants to concepts and principles of marketing management. The major role of marketing in a company (or public agency) is determining, creating, communicating and delivering a value proposition that meets the needs of its customers. In addition, marketing in its boundary-spanning role introduces the "voice of the customer" into the firm, helps build long-term relationships and ensures that the firm builds equity with its customers.

Leading Organizations and Strategy focuses on the job, viewpoint, and skills of the general manager of a firm in diagnosing what is critical in business situations and in finding realistic solutions to strategic and organizational problems. We will examine issues central to the long- and short-term competitive position of the company. This class will introduce you to crucial strategic and organizational skills, all of which will have a substantial impact upon organizational profitability and your own successful career.

The goal of this course is to be a transitional leadership experience for military veterans who are enrolled in the Master in Business for Veterans Program. Exercising ‘Principled Leadership’ is fundamental for military leaders and critical as they make the transition to becoming business leaders. The course is designed to help veteran students take assessment of their own leadership qualities, personality, values, purpose in life. They will conduct research and discussion on different styles of leadership while engaging with veterans who have successfully made the transition from leading in the military to being organizational leaders in the business world. They will do extensive reading about business leaders to examine successes, failures, and do a deep dive into examining their own leadership style; incorporating self-assessment data and develop an individualized personal development plan to carry them through their transition and into the next phase of their careers. The fundamental purpose of the course is to assist each veteran student in determining the path on how to become the business leader they aspire to be as.

Offers students an opportunity to develop negotiation skills for a global business environment. Students learn to manage conflicts with competence, fairness, and sensitivity. The course relies heavily on simulations to promote learning by doing. It provides a low-risk setting with individual feedback to help students evolve an effective negotiating style that feels natural.

This course is designed to endow you with an entrepreneurial perspective, enhance your ability to use functional knowledge in an applied setting, and familiarize you with the skills and resources necessary for starting a new venture.

By the end of the class you will be able to:

  • Identify trends and opportunities in the marketplace
  • Formulate new venture ideas
  • Analyze your market and validate your customer base
  • Present a competitive analysis of a specific industry
  • Create a revenue model, forecast costs and demand, and assess potential profitability
  • Understand how financing, venture capital and valuation work
  • Utilize a business model canvas
  • Put together and present a business plan and pitch
  • Analyze ventures, both inside and outside of corporations

Important Dates & Tuition Info

  • Application Deadlines

    There are three application rounds each year. Each cohort is limited in size so apply early to secure your spot. Your application does not need to be completed in one sitting.
  • Program Schedule

    Download a sample calendar to understand the timing and flow of courses and immersions. All onboarding, bootcamp, and class sessions require in-person/on-campus attendance.
  • Tuition & Funding

    Merit-based and military/veteran specific scholarships are available for those enrolled in the Master of Business for Veterans program.

Program Comparison

The programs most popular among military veterans are the Master in Business for Veterans, Two-Year MBA, and Evening MBA. Compare these programs to understand which is the best fit for you.