Leadership & Professional Development

Leadership & Professional Development

BBA Leadership Development programming enhances student self-awareness and cultivates each student's personal leadership abilities. The Goizueta Leadership Competency Model guides the program in identifying the specific competencies that BBA students most need to achieve these objectives.

BBA Recent Grads

Leadership Development

  • CORE Year ONE

  • BUS 380 Professional Development

    360 Degree Assessment
    Focusing on emotional development, gaining self awareness, receiving feedback, identifying leadership competencies, and conducting gap analysis.
  • BUS 380 Professional Development

    Professional Development
    Beginning professional development process, developing career awareness, learning career-search skills, fine-tuning brand statements, and reflecting on accumulated experiences
  • BUS 380 Professional Development

    Assessment Simulation
    Identifying baseline skills and behaviors, practicing typical business scenarios, comparing self assessment with observed assessment, targeting areas for focused growth, and benchmark competencies at onset of program.
  • BUS 380 Professional Development

    Orientation Overnight Retreat
    Developing team and relationship-building techniques, practicing communications skills, experiencing risk taking, and transitioning into professional learning.
  • BUS 365 BCOMM

    Business Communications
    Structuring written and oral communications, delivering impactful presentations, maximizing communication efficacy based on Birkman insights, constructing personal narratives, and developing comfort across communication strategies.
  • BUS 382 JR. SEM

    Junior Seminars
    Exploring professional options, gaining corporate insights, discovering best-practices, interacting with professional community, developing technical skills, and learning about interdisciplinary leadership research.


    Developing approach to decision making, solving complex problems, synthesizing acquired knowledge, and secondary assessment simulation to measure growth.

    Enhancing professional exposure, developing industry-specific insights, fine-tuning career skills, and interacting with the business community.


    Sharpening research skills, learning to sort through complex information, and working under pressure.

    Learning to think on the fly, developing innovative solutions, working under pressure, dealing with ambiguity, and building networking and communication skills.

    Assessing development relative to desired competencies, filling in ability gaps, continuing work on development plan, fine-tuning personal narratives, and reflecting on accumulated experiences.

    Enhancing cognitive knowledge of leadership, applying theories in real-world settings, gaining nuanced understanding of complex discussion-making, and formulating actionable recommendations.

    Internships, leadership positions, involvement in clubs and activities, Goizueta Servant Leaders, Sr. Seminar in Leadership, advisor coaching and long-term planning, mentor relationships, teamwork, and other course-based competencies.

BBA Council

Students at K.E.G.S.

The BBA Council serves as the student government of the BBA Program. The BBA Council is charged with governance over and providing support to BBA clubs, advocacy on behalf of BBA students, and creating programming to build and strengthen community within the BBA Program. The BBA Council has elected and appointed positions available for BBA students; elections and interviews are held in the spring semester for the following academic year. The BBA Council is responsible for carrying on a beloved Goizueta tradition of a community kegs gathering every Thursday afternoon, as well as planning programming, study breaks, and other engagement opportunities for BBA students.

BBA Students Enhance Communication Strategy with Mercedes-Benz USA Class Project

Students presenting

When passersby recently walked through Patterson Green, it was hard to miss two unusual items resting on the lawn. Two lavish Mercedes vehicles visited Goizueta caused onlookers to slow their step and snap a few photos. While the cars added a unique touch to the green, they were actually serving a larger purpose.

Business Essentials Workshop

The Goizueta Business Library's BBA Business Essentials (BE) Jr. Seminar program is focused on helping you to develop the skills to gather information or evidence to support thorough, well-reasoned business decision making.