Millennials at Work – Let our experts offer insight into the next generation of employees

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Millennial workers now total 56 million, representing 35% of the total US labor force. How can organizations harness their unique talents and strengths?

Goizueta Professor Andrea Hershatter recently joined the Goizueta Effect to explore this generation’s use of technology as a “sixth sense,” their inherent trust in organizations, and their tendency toward an extrinsic sense of fulfillment.

In the interview Hershatter uses her expertise and years of experience to discuss a wide variety of topics such as:

  • Defining Generations
  • What Makes a Millennial?
  • Exploring Boomers, GenX and Zoomers 
  • Millennials’ Relationship with Technology & Organizations
  • How COVID-19 Has Impacted Millennials
  • Dynamics & Interplay Between Generations
  • The Next Generation and The Future

Andrea Hershatter is Senior Associate Dean and Director of the BBA Program in Emory’s Goizueta Business School. She regularly provides consultation to corporations and academia on the Millennial generation and has been an outside expert to the Graduate Management Admission Council in enhancing undergraduate student outreach.

She is a frequent presenter on the topics of entrepreneurship, generational workplace culture, and management education. Andrea is available to speak with media about this topic – simply click on her icon now to arrange an interview today.