Was anybody ready for it? How Taylor Swift is taking profits beyond the wildest dreams of the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL this year.

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It's happening ... and the NFL likely couldn't be happier now that the Kansas City Chiefs are returning to the SuperBowl.

Ever since Taylor Swift made her first appearance back in September to cheer on her new beau Travis Kelce, the attention she has brought has had serious returns for the league in the form of new fans, surging ticket prices and record-breaking ratings on TV.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Chiefs CEO Clark Hun indicated that 'Our female audience has grown leaps and bounds.'

And a recent study from Apex Marketing Group says that Swift has generated brand value of $331.5 million for the Chiefs and the NFL.

Goizueta professor of marketing Mike Lewis examined Swift’s fandom to uncover who considers themselves Swifties. He found her fandom is strongest in the younger generations but found 22% of Baby Boomers also claim to be fans.

And while her fandom leans female, 29% of male respondents claimed they were fans.

And, when he looked at the NFL, Lewis found an interesting link.

“There is considerable overlap between football and Taylor Swift fandom. 38% of football fans consider themselves Swift fans compared to only 21% of football apathetics,” says Lewis.

Professor Lewis’ full report also looks at the political leanings of Swift fans and their religious affiliations.

Mike Lewis is a Professor of Marketing and the Faculty Director at the Emory Marketing Analytics Center.

His work focuses on the intersection of sports analytics and sports marketing. He studies issues ranging from player performance analytics to brand equity in sports. This approach makes Professor Lewis a unique expert on fandom as his work addresses the complete process from success on the field to success at the box office.

Mike is available to talk about the economic impact Taylor Swift is having on professional football - simply click on his icon now to arrange an interview today.